Cogo Technologies, LLC

The technology developed by Cogo can be generally divided into two functional parts. The customer premise equipment (CPE) and the network infrastructure that supports the CPE.

The CPE consists of a box that is similar to a router, with two major differences. Our CPE incorporates technology that is designed to deliver rich content over low speed WAN links.

The network infrastructure, works in tandem with the CPE. It supports all the ingress and egress of data to and from the CPE. The CPE contains proprietary firmware that was developed by Cogo Technologies that not only manages all the functionality of the CPE, but also works in conjunction with the network infrastructure to minimize the amount of data that is transmitted and received over the WAN link. The CPE also has the capability to use wireless WAN links to provide backup capability to terrestrial broadband connections that may be used by customers. The combination of hardware & firmware in our CPE, working in tandem with our network infrastructure, reduces the use of data transiting the WAN links by a factor of 75%, of actual usage.

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