We specialize in servicing emerging growth and micro-cap public companies.

Emerging Growth Companies

We specialize is providing financial services for companies that are considered emerging growth.  Our services consist, but are not limited to bookkeeping, monthly, quarterly, and year-end close, reconciling all balance sheet accounts on a periodic and monthly basis, and financial reporting. In addition, we perform financial planning and analysis (FP&A), including budgeting and proforma work so that companies can make strategic decisions.

Micro-cap Public Company Specialization

Micro-cap public companies are unique with access to a broader investor base than their private company counterparts, giving them a competitive advantage provided they properly navigate the additional reporting and regulatory requirements incumbent with public company status.  Many of these companies often lack both the resources and the expertise to properly capitalize on their public market opportunities.  We provide the necessary expertise to assist these companies with properly completing the necessary financial reporting and regulatory filings (such as Form 10-Q, 10-K, 8-K, etc.) so that these companies can continue to utilize the public markets to fund growth and execute on their long term strategic goals. In addition to the reporting services, we also act as the corporate finance team for the company, and are the liaison between the auditing and tax firm, and the legal team of  for the these public companies.